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Goaltending occurs when a player touches the ball during a field-goal try or tap while the ball is in its downward flight entirely above the basket ring level, has the possibility of entering the basket in flight and is not touching the basket cylinder or a player touches the ball outside the cylinder during a free-throw attempt.

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GOALTENDING. A player must not commit goaltending, as in 4-22. PENALTIES: (Sections 11-12) 1. If the violation is at the opponent’s basket, the opponents are awarded one point if during a free throw, three points if during a three point try and two points in any other case.

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1. The first violation of the throw-in boundary-line plane by an opponent (s) of the thrower shall result in a team warning for delay being given (one delay warning per team per game). The warning does not result in the loss of the opportunity to move along the end line when and if applicable. 2.

What Is Goaltending In Basketball? [2021 Updated Rules]

If the ball is within the imaginary cylinder and over the rim when the contact is made, it is a basket interference. If a shot is taken and the ball is in its downward flight when the defending player makes contact, it is a goaltending violation.

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Women – Same as NFHS. Goaltending Player touches the ball during a try/tap while it is in its downward flight entirely above the basket-ring level and has the possibility of entering the basket in flight. Men – Same as NFHS and includes a ball that is touched after it contacts the backboard when any

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Like the three-second rule, the goaltending violation deters the tallest and most athletic players from affecting the sport disproportionately. George Mikan and Bob Kurland are best known for influencing the ban of defensive goaltending in basketball. With each standing at 6’10”, Mikan and Kurland played defense by standing under the basket and grabbing opponents’ shots as they approached the rim.


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